Volakas White

Volakas is a white dolomitic marble quarried in Northern Greece near the village that bears the same name. Its clean white background with light grey veining provides a classy and timeless appearance to any project. The veining pattern for all varieties of Volakas Marble varies from slab to slab highlighting nature’s unique expression.

Stone Name: Volakas White
Country of origin: Greece
Catalog: Marble
Color: White
Compressive Strength: 1162kg/cm2
Water Absorption: 0.20%
Density: 2840kg/m3
Flexural Strength: 61kg/cm2
Recommended Usage: Counter tops and bars, wall and floor tiles
Other names: Volakas White marble, Volakas Marble, White marble, Macedonian White Marble, Olympus White marble, Volakas Classic Marble, Volakas Ajax marble, Volakas Marmaro, Marmara